Sol provides cities around the world with high-performance solar roadway and solar street lighting solutions. Our solar lights are affordable, reliable and enhance lives by improving safety, increasing productivity and enhancing community life.

Each year thousands of Sol solar lighting systems are installed in communities where access to electric power is either unreliable or non-existent. Installing solar powered LED lighting allows local authorities to improve road safety for drivers and pedestrians. In addition, these solar street lights improve conditions for commercial activities in the evenings and improve the social life of residents. 

  • Perimeter Security Lighting

    Sol’s solar and energy saving LED lighting is the ideal solution for perimeter and fence lighting. Whether for detecting and recognizing possible intruders, or for overall site/building illumination, Sol has you covered for increased security and safety.

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  • Roadway Lighting (International)

    Sol provides thousands of solar street and roadway lights to countries worldwide. By providing a cost-effective way to bring high-quality lighting to places where there is no reliable source of light, Sol is increasing safety and improving lives one light at a time.

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