Mining & Industry


Providing lighting for safety under challenging conditions is more reliable and flexible with solar lighting from Sol. Our high-quality systems install quickly, ensuring mission-critical robust and reliable performance.


Whether your site lighting is unreliable or in constant need of diesel fuel and maintenance, our commercial-grade solar lights are a great SOLution.  Sol’s solar mining lights reduce the need for fuel and meet the needs of mine sites that require low maintenance, easy-to-relocate lighting solutions. 




  • Perimeter Security Lighting

    Sol’s solar and energy saving LED lighting is the ideal solution for perimeter and fence lighting. Whether for detecting and recognizing possible intruders, or for overall site/building illumination, Sol has you covered for increased security and safety.

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  • Roadway and Street Lights

    Commercial-grade solar lights from Sol increase safety and security along streets and roadways, and is a cost-effective lighting solution where no lights existed before.

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