Parks & Recreation

Sol provides a variety of aesthetically pleasing solar and on-grid park lighting solutions that are functional, sustainable and in harmony with the environment. Our durable and economic stand-alone solar LED lighting solutions illuminate small and large trails as well as parking lots and recreational shelters located in areas too expensive or sensitive to run power lines.

Since the energy is free, solar park lights can save thousands of dollars over traditional park lights when installed in new or existing parks.  Our high-performance solar LED lighting systems are easy to install and include cost saving options of motion detection, programmed run times and desired light levels.

  • Parking Lot Lighting

    Solar powered and energy efficient LED parking lot lighting from Sol can meet national lighting standards for parking lots. By avoiding costly trenching, wiring and electrical connection, our solar lights can be installed for less than the cost of traditional grid-tie systems.

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  • Pathway and Trail Lighting

    Commercial-grade solar lights from Sol increase safety and security in environmentally-sensitive or remote locations that often have no lighting, either because lighting was not planned for or because it is cost-prohibitive to run power to the site.

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