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Sol was recently featured in an article titled "Off-the-grid power is gaining post-Sandy popularity" on
Sol's CEO/President Divakar "Dibs" Tailor recently wrote an article for Area Development Online regarding how solar commercial outdoor lighting benefits the industrial property sector.
Take a look at the photo below and guess why the light doesn't work at night. Hint: look behind the sign.
Sol Inc. CEO Paul Wickberg was recently interviewed by Heather Clancy of ZD Net for their GreenTech Pastures blog titled "Commercial-grade solar lighting for the great outdoors", which focuses on why Sol’s lighting can be as cost-effective for new construction as ‘traditional’ lighting systems.
In principal, it’s simple. A solar panel converts light to electricity. During daylight, even on cloudy days, this “solar generator” (solar panel) charges long-life batteries, which store the energy until needed. Thus, the energy of the sun is harnessed to produce power. In addition to large capacity batteries and solar panels, solar outdoor lighting systems also incorporate sophisticated proprietary charge regulators, which stop the flow of solar generated electricity when the batteries are fully charged, and then resume charging when more power is needed.