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The rolling hills and shady lanes are a welcomed sight in this town set in the middle of the flat prairies of northeastern Colorado. The Republican River flows through town, making Wray a nice break on US 34, just shy of the Nebraska border. Especially scenic is the pathway wandering through the center of Wray, which is now illuminated by Solar Outdoor Lighting.

One of Wray's claims to fame is Colorado Bird watching in the Spring: Prairie Chickens dance, stomp and fight in search of a mate. Watching them, you might even say that they lead a rather mild-mannered existence. That is, until mating season. Your best bet to see prairie chickens in Colorado are the town of Wray, and select sites within the Comanche National Grassland.


The pathway meanders along the river and through the middle of town for over two miles. Being so close to the river presented some unique challenges for the project. "The solar and battery application allowed us to install lighting without installing underground power lines to the light poles" said Stan Holmes, City Manager of Wray. "Groundwater was present for several of the 5 foot bases for the poles. This required additional engineering for the base design" added Steve Straub of WSI Lighting.

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