Shelter Lighting in Burlington, VT

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Chittenden County is Vermont’s most populous county. In 2002, the legislature acknowledged signifi­cant transportation problems looming over Chitten­den County and northwest Vermont. The County had experienced unprecedented growth over the previous 10 years in and the projected population increase was 44 percent over the next 20 years. 

Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) formed a task force with Special Services Transporta­tion Agency (SSTA) and began a plan to implement over the next five to ten years. The system needed to be appealing and a preferred choice among residents and visitors. It had to be inviting and safe, especially during Vermont’s pitch-black nights. The task force also recognized the long nights compounded by the frigid winter temperatures warranted the need for an extremely robust transit lighting system. 


In 2009, the OASYS Solar Lighting System by Sol was determined to be the product hardy enough to handle the job. By May of 2011, CCTA was operating 12 solar-lit shelters and has 10 more scheduled to be upgraded. The OASYS Solar Lighting System by Sol fulfilled the mission statement of CCTA to “operate safe, convenient, accessible, innovative, and sustain­able public transportation services in the Chittenden County region that reduce congestion and pollution, encourage transit-oriented development and enhance the quality of life for all.” 

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