Made in USA

Made in USA


Sol Inc. is a US based manufacturer headquartered in Palm City, Florida. We are proud to design and assemble our light system in the United States. We have been providing solar lighting systems for over 20 years. Several of our customers include the US Military, Department of Homeland Security, National Park Service and many municipalities supported by Federal grants. 

Due to economic conditions, component availability and the competitive marketplace Sol sources some components from international suppliers. We have painstakingly performed the documentation and calculations required to assure our customers and ourselves that our systems meet the requirements of the Buy America Acct. 

Without reservation, Sol is pleased to state that our entire line of solar lighting systems offered for sale in the United States comply with the requirements of the Buy America Act.



 It may be helpful to understand the requirements of the Buy America Act (BAA) and how they apply to Sol’s solar light systems. Thee BAA generally requires that only domestic end products be procured by the Government when it purchases supplies and construction materials for public use. In order for Sol to determine if it is in compliance, we have followed these steps: 

1. Identify the end product to be delivered. Since an end product is generally defined as a contract line item, you must perform a BAA analysis on each contract line item 

2. Identify the place of manufacture of the end product 

3. Identify the components of the end product 

4. Identify the place of manufacture of each component 

5. Identify the cost of each component. If more than 50% of the cost of the end product ’s components were manufactured in the U.S., the end product complies with the BAA 

Note: in some contracts, as written by the government, materials manufactured in NAFTA countries or in countries that are members of the World Trade Organization are exempt. These contracts allow for inclusion of the “Trade Agreements Act” in determining compliance with BAA.



Sol has performed a complete line review to confirm compliance with the Buy America Act. The following table shows a selection of our systems indicates the amount of domestic content and confirms compliance with the Law.

             Sample of Sol Systems That Comply with BAA

  •                                            Component Costs 
  • Sol System Model from        USA Materials      BAA Status 

TPZ-1CD5A30-Q3H-2K-06      75%                     PASS 

TTK-1TF2A40-T2H-2K-T25      76%                     PASS 

SPY-2S45A30-Q4L-2K-S2      67%                      PASS 

GYK-GA5A20-G1-HC-P24      76%                      PASS 

SHK-1CS2A30-Q3-HD          70%                       PASS 

ALN-1SL2A45-D2S-2B          71%                      PASS

All of Sol’s poles are manufactured in the United States. When Sol provides lighting poles from other suppliers for use with our systems, we always purchase from U.S. manufacturers.



On any contract with BAA requirements, Sol performs an internal compliance check. Should any written documentation be required, Sol will gladly provide the content analysis precisely for the system or systems being offered. Sol is always ready to support our customers. If you have any questions concerning the Buy America Act and our compliance, please direct all inquiries to our Inside Sales and Support team at (772) 286-9461, option 1 or email us at


Sol Inc. has been manufacturing solar powered light systems in the United States since 1990. We have provided lighting systems to many sectors of our government including the Department of Defense, State Department, Department of the Interior, and the National Parks Service, just to name a few.

Where possible we source materials for our systems that are manufactured in the United States. Although a very small number of materials used in our lighting systems are made outside of the USA, Sol Inc. manufactured solar lighting systems are eligible for ARRA funds both because the sourced materials are components in our systems and because the sourced materials are produced by signatories to the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement. Please refer to the Buy American Provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for detailed clarification if needed.

Additionally, we know that ARRA funding has already been obtained for our solar lighting systems installed at the Gulf Island National Seashore by the National Park Service, Camp Pendleton by the U.S. Navy, and at Monroe Lake, Indiana by the Army Corps of Engineers.

As the manufacturer, Sol's systems are fully compliant and eligible for ARRA funding.