Product Applications

With more than 20 years of solar lighting design, Sol is expert at creating reliable solutions that meet the demands of a wide variety of applications. Ideal for solar street lighting, solar parking lot lighting, solar trail lighting and more, Sol’s solar LED lighting operates independent of the electrical grid, uses state of the art fixture designs and is backed by our industry-leading warranty. Our solar lighting systems are consistently selected by governments, corporations and agencies around the world to help meet their illumination needs. Contact us to explore the possibilities of reliable and renewable solar powered LED lighting.

  • Parking Lot Lighting

    Solar powered and energy efficient LED parking lot lighting from Sol can meet national lighting standards for parking lots. By avoiding costly trenching, wiring and electrical connection, our solar lights can be installed for less than the cost of traditional grid-tie systems.

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  • Pathway and Trail Lighting

    Commercial-grade solar lights from Sol increase safety and security in environmentally-sensitive or remote locations that often have no lighting, either because lighting was not planned for or because it is cost-prohibitive to run power to the site.

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  • Perimeter Security Lighting

    Sol’s solar and energy saving LED lighting is the ideal solution for perimeter and fence lighting. Whether for detecting and recognizing possible intruders, or for overall site/building illumination, Sol has you covered for increased security and safety.

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  • Roadway and Street Lights

    Commercial-grade solar lights from Sol increase safety and security along streets and roadways, and is a cost-effective lighting solution where no lights existed before.

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