Sign Lighting

Whether installing new or existing signs, kiosks, ad shelters or light boxes, Sol has the most economic way to illuminate your signage. Sign companies and outdoor advertisers know that the installation of a solar sign lighting system is the lowest cost way to illuminate a commercial sign with LED lighting without having to run electrical wiring or incur monthly electric bills. 

Sol has the solution for off-grid LED signs and light boxes. Designed for outdoor applications, Sol was the first to offer the only solar-powered option to reduce energy and installation costs.

Alternative Products to Consider:

  • Solar Backlit Sign Lighting

    IllumiSign® or Ad Light lightbar are backlit commercial outdoor solar sign lighting systems developed to illuminate advertising light boxes and kiosks.

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  • Solar Sign Lighting

    The BL Series is a commercial-grade solar LED sign lighting system powered by a separate solar array. The solar sign lighting system illuminates a variety of signage ranging from entry, welcome and other small signs to monuments, statues and larger DOT signs.

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