Decorative Solar Lighting

The Decorative Series is a Top of Pole Mounted system that allows you to create a customized outdoor solar light solution for your application. Options include LED luminaires and decorative arms designed to be reminiscent of lights from the 19th and mid-20th centuries, integrating cutting-edge technology while offering a traditional look. The new offerings are designed for a variety of commercial applications, including lighting for streets, boardwalks, parks, recreational areas, parks and commercial complexes. The system is sized according to your location and lighting requirements and is configured to your requirements to run throughout the night or to save energy with dimming when full light is not required. The battery enclosure and PV module mounts to your pole – square, round, fiberglass, steel, aluminum or concrete with supplied tenon. Additional options include motion detection and wireless remote.


Choice of decorative arm and decorative luminaire (all pendant styles are IDA Dark-Sky approved), powdercoated in your color choice

Maintenance free gel cell batteries provide five nights of back-up power

EternO® 4 control module is TÜV listed to UL 60950-1:2007 and CSA C22.2.60950-1:2007

FivePlus™ Warranty includes 10 years on electronics, wiring, fixtures and 20 years on mounting hardware and solar panels

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  • Allows for flexible customization using decorative LED street fixtures and arms on a variety of pole types and lengths
  • Avoids costly trenching and wiring allowing it to be installed at or below the cost of grid-connected lighting
  • Saves money with no electricity bills and no maintenance for the first five years
  • Increases safety and security in parking lots, perimeter areas and other remote locations that have limited access to electricity
  • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainable design (contributes no CO2)