Oasys™ Solar Shelter Lighting

Oasys™ Shelter Lighting is a fully integrated solar outdoor lighting system engineered for rugged environments. It is the perfect commercial lighting solution for applications that require security lighting in a remote or environmentally sensitive location. The Oasys™ Shelter Security Light features an integrated unit that houses a driver, maintenance-free gel cell batteries and Oasys™ LED. Oasys™ is configured to your shelter location to ensure reliable lighting under extreme weather and site conditions. 


Luminaire available integrated within housing unit or mounted remotely  

Powder coated in your color choice to match your shelter

Maintenance free gel cell batteries provide five nights of back-up power

Choice of standard PV module or flexible ThinFilm

FivePlus™ Warranty includes 10 years on electronics, wiring, fixtures and 20 years on mounting hardware and solar panels

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  • Saves on labor and assembly costs with quick installation via hinged cover and keyed test button
  • Avoids costly trenching and wiring allowing it to be installed at or below the cost of grid-connected lighting
  • Saves money with no electricity bills and no maintenance for the first five years
  • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainable design (contributes no CO2)

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