An article written by Matt Ellenberger, Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Sol was recently featured on Below is an except:

What if you could power your parking lot lights with the sun?

While the number of solar installations is increasing, renewable energy isn’t always convenient or affordable for commercial properties. While solar energy is often cheaper than alternatives in the long term, the upfront costs can be significant enough to make building owners question whether they are willing to wait for a lengthy payback. This is particularly true of outdoor lighting systems. 

Grid-tied exterior lighting is often a costly and awkward solution. Required trenching and wiring may necessitate tearing up existing paving for parking lots and sidewalks. It could also negatively affect woodlands or mature landscaping, such as in the case of parks, trails, or campus situations. As outdoor lighting is sometimes needed at some distance from the closest electrical line, the cost of extending wiring from the nearest grid connection can also be prohibitive. 

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