Every day is Earth Day here at Sol Inc. But for the official day this year, we are reminding our employees of the importance in taking the extra step in their daily routines to help protect the planet, keeping in mind that their environmental contributions can also help their pocketbooks. 

Here are a few impactful actions that you can start today, in order to make every day and affordable Earth Day at your home or business:



Installing a solar system can provide green energy for your home or business and power savings that add up quickly. However if converting your power source to solar is too big of a leap at this point, solar lighting can be an excellent first step.  



Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are energy efficient light sources. By switching from traditional light bulbs to LEDs, homeowners can reduce the amount of electricity a home uses each year. The Environmental Protection Agency says that if every household replaced just one incandescent bulb with an "Energy Star"-rated LED or CFL (compact fluorescent), Americans would save close to $700 million per year in energy costs.



If you haven't done one, this is a great first step to take. Energy Audits are crucial in highlighting energy efficiency opportunities that can save around 30% annually on energy bills.  



The average American family throws out 396lbs of food waste a year. ANd when food scraps are combined with yard waste, together they make up nearly 21% of what we throw out in the trash. Food and yard waste can instead be composted at home or in a community garden, and provide a nutrient rich organic material that can substitute the need for store-bought soil.


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