Solar Sign Lighting

The BL Series is a commercial-grade solar LED sign lighting system powered by a separate solar array. The solar sign lighting system illuminates a variety of signage ranging from entry, welcome and other small signs to monuments, statues and larger DOT signs. BL Series is a low maintenance, dependable LED sign lighting system configured for your location to ensure reliable lighting under extreme weather and site conditions. Our high-output solar sign lighting system is easy to assemble and maintain because there is no need for trenching, electric meters, fixture maintenance and monthly electric bills. This durable commercial off-grid LED sign light system is the economic choice compared to conventional or "off the shelf" solar sign lighting systems.


All inclusive system features LED floodlight, pv module, maintenance-free battery and intelligent controller housed in a vandal-resistant aluminum battery enclosure, direct burial pole and plug-and-play connectors

Programmed for full light intensity all night long or a for desired run time 

Maintenance free gel cell batteries provide five nights of back-up power

FivePlus™ Warranty includes 10 years on electronics, wiring, fixtures and 20 years on moun

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  • Make money on lighted advertising space
  • Saves money with no electricity bills and no maintenance for the first five years
  • Easy to install with simple plug-and-play interconnects
  • Demonstrates your commitment to sustainable design (contributes no CO2)

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