Solar Energy Facts

  • 1

    The sun is a direct source of energy. Using renewable energy technologies, we can convert that solar energy into electricity.

  • 2

    All solar lights are “wireless”. They are not “hooked up” to external sources of power.

  • 3

    Solar lights produce no pollution and cause no harmful environmental effects.

  • 4

    Solar lighting is sometimes preferred for applications where the need is temporary (fairs, mining sites, Olympics, introduction of real estate developments, etc.).

  • 5

    Solar lights are immune to black outs.

  • 6

    Solar-powered outdoor lighting is virtually maintenance-free, since the batteries require no water or other regular service.

  • 7

    Solar lights provide enhanced security in poorly-lit remote areas where access to grid power is challenging, such as parks and large parking lots.

  • 8

    Solar lights work at night.

  • 9

    Solar lights work even after cloudy days. During daylight, even when overcast, the solar panels’ “solar generators” charge long-life batteries, which store the energy until needed, up to 5 days for Sol systems.